Women Elections Initiative: Creating a Global Network to Support Women Running For Political Office


Leading Ladies Circle - Kenya

Grace Hopper 2018 Open Source Day Hackathon

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"We realized that this project can have a deep impact in restoring the fabric of the Haitian Society. Our students and the market women they are connecting are partners in rebuilding their country." Watch >

Tayana Etienne, Women's P2P Haiti Director

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"The Women’s P2P Network is the proof that women are capable of being heard through technology, and demonstrating how smart, creative and strong they are." Read more >

Dagrain Michel-Ange, Women's P2P Network Summer Intern

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Think the internet and other technology is creating is a global community?  700 million women cant access it.  We're changing that by engaging one of the world's greatest untapped resources - girl geeks from every country - in a unique and equal partnership with local grassroots women. Read More>

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